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Press Releases

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The Mid-Year Report

Working Together, The United Industry Advances Goals

At the mid-point of 2004, the outdoor advertising industry is on track to advance ambitious goals in marketing the medium and protecting assets.

"A core strength of OAAA is that the membership identifies priorities and the elected leadership sets policy," said Nancy Fletcher, OAAA president and CEO. "Your trade association works to implement goals established by the membership."

Six months into the calendar year, here is a snapshot of industry accomplishments:

The Highway Beautification Act (HBA) – a careful balance that protects billboard assets – remains intact. Typically, when Congress rewrites the federal Highway Bill, billboards come under attack.

However, for two years, Congress has been working to re-authorize a new long-term Highway Bill, but lawmakers have not attempted to undermine the HBA.

"This is a tribute to industry unity, and unity means strength." said Fletcher.

Meanwhile, federal regulators (Food & Drug Administration) have clarified that certain outdoor formats are suitable for prescription drug advertising.

At the state level, the industry has made progress coast to coast to protect assets and introduce new technology. Significantly, Tennessee joined the growing number of states that enacted statutory protection against the obnoxious practice of exaction. Minnesota, Tennessee, and Virginia passed positive legislation to help maintain nonconforming signs.

So far this year, the OAAA marketing team has spoken at five ad club meetings, presented to over 25 national advertisers and agencies, and participated in six industry conferences, including the TAB Out of Home and Marketing Expo. OAAA has also been busy with standardization and ratings opportunities facing the industry, including rolling out completion report specifications, establishing mapping standards, and supporting and contributing expertise to the

Nielsen Chicago ratings work and Outdoor Ratings Advisory Council.

Many OAAA members participated in the TAB Out of Home and Marketing Expo, which provided OAAA the forum to present the 62nd Annual OBIE Awards and the Outdoor Media Plan Awards. In addition, two new category presentations and three research reports have been added to the website at, along with the new MegaBrands 10-year trend report.

Membership and Communications
Of course, nothing would be accomplished without the continued support and feedback OAAA receives from its members. In May, members were surveyed to garner opinions on a range of issues to help guide the industry.

Exploiting technology, OAAA's website was upgraded, and other communications tools—the Outdoor Outlook newsletter and the weekly Newsclips—were reformatted to better serve members’ needs.

New research, sponsored by the Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research and Education (FOARE), shows that billboards are not a factor in driver behavior. Plus, the Foundation continues to help educate the next generation of leaders via its scholarship program.

With support from members, OAAA will continue to unite, promote, and protect the industry.

If you are interested in receiving a summary of the year-to-date accomplishments, please contact Meredith Moller at


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