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News Fuels the OAAA


Nancy Fletcher,
OAAA President and CEO
There is nothing like the chance to catch up with OAAA members one on one, something that the recent TAB Conference afforded in spades. Of course, once a year at an industry conference is not enough, since steady active dialogue is the lifeblood of any association…which is why I have a routine.

I get to the office each day, fire up my computer, and look for email from member company principals. Sometimes this yields reports of legislative challenges, legal setbacks, or other unpleasant news. Undoubtedly, OAAA is the place to get help when problems arise. But just as often, I am uplifted by the triumphs and successes that are occurring with an even greater regularity.

I am always inspired when I read about a member company making a renewed commitment to serve advertisers, consumers, and communities by delivering an outstanding product that is meticulously presented – and then valued accordingly.

I am grateful when I read about a principal making a contribution to OAPAC (Outdoor Advertising Political Action Committee) or deciding to join a state association not previously supported, thus becoming an active voice to further industry initiatives.

I am encouraged to hear of a company rejecting indecent ads, launching a meaningful public service campaign, or making a contribution to the Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research & Education (FOARE).

I am excited to hear when yet another member company opts to report revenues to CMR and Nielsen Monitor Plus, adopts a standardization plan, or supports the development of outdoor ratings, since each of these actions will strengthen the industry’s perception as being more accountable.

I am pleased when a member company announces a new program to improve the creative product on the streets, collect and promote OBIE-quality work, or support industry self-promotion efforts.

I am delighted when a member company invests in new technologies that add “live time” and interactive images to the beautiful platform of computer-printed images. I am appreciative when a member company gives preferential treatment to OAAA suppliers when choosing vendors.

Finally, I am bowled over by the camaraderie among OAAA members who work in tandem to achieve results, presenting a strong and united front to the public and to the other media in establishing the benefits of outdoor advertising.

Beyond a doubt, your news is what fuels OAAA, providing the information and enthusiasm to intelligently promote the outdoor medium, to valiantly protect industry assets, and to judiciously plan for the future. Without this flow of information, however received, the association could not do what it does so successfully. So please, keep the news coming… the good as well as the bad. Make my day!

For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Nancy Fletcher at or via phone at 202-833-5566.


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