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Marry Me Jill

Date: September 02, 2003

Chris Clemow proposes in a BIG way!


For an ever increasing number of bachelors, outdoor advertising is the perfect medium to communicate a special message to the ladies who’ve captured their hearts.


When perennial jokester Chris Clemow of Eugene, OR decided it was time to propose to his girlfriend, Jill Gelineau, he knew he’d have to do it in a BIG way. The couple had spoken about marriage; but Chris’s regular and informal proposals had almost become a running joke. Jill was concerned she wouldn’t know when to take his proposal seriously. He assured her she’d know when he was officially asking for her hand in marriage.


How best to propose to a sharp and savvy attorney? On a billboard of course! And a proposal like that requires a large cast of players willing to assist every step of the way. With the help of Jill’s law firm, the local Clear Channel office, and an advertiser who graciously donated the space for a day, the stage was ready to be set.


On June 17, at 9:00 am, with Chris’s billboard posted, he made a date to take Jill for coffee before work and then drive her to the office. As they approached her building, there it was – her “official” proposal as big as could be – posted right outside her office. And since every fairy tale deserves a happy ending… she said: Yes!


Jill and Chris plan to be married in the spring of 2004.




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