FOARE-K Run/Walk

Looking for a chance to stay fit while enjoying the lovely weather while in San Diego for the 2015 OAAA\TAB National Convention + Expo?

The Foundation for Outdoor Advertising Research and Education (FOARE) is organizing a FOARE-K Run/Walk (approximately 2.8 miles) to jumpstart its annual fundraising effort in conjunction with the OAAA\TAB National Convention.

Attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy physical activity in the sun and take in the breathtaking scenery of of the San Diego Bay, all while contributing to a worthy industry cause.

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2015 OAAA\TAB National Convention + Expo

The 2015 OAAA\TAB National Convention + Expo will be held at the Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel on May 11 - 13,2015. 

The national convention program will examine shifts in overall media strategies and identify specifically how OOH advertising can amplify a media campaign.It will also serve as a platform to confirm a future vision for the entire OOH industry to rally around, provide compelling proof-points, and instill confidence in the vibrant future of the industry.

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OBIE Hall of Fame

Since HBO first began to entertain households in 1972, the premium cable network’s use of simple yet powerful images and advertising concepts has captured the attention of potential viewers and long-time fans.

HBO will be presented the 2015 OBIE Hall of Fame award alongside this year’s OBIE winners at the 74th OBIE Awards ceremony on Tuesday, May 12 during the 2015 OAAA\TAB National Convention + Expo in San Diego, CA.

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Creative Testing Tool

The OOH Creative Testing Tool allows you to view billboard, street furniture and transit creative in the environment. Once you have uploaded your creative, you will be able to zoom in and out to see the work at a range of distances, share the rendering with colleagues and clients, and print out a copy for your records.

The Creative Testing Tool is also compatible with smartphones and tablets. Projects can be saved onto mobile devices and shared while on the road at sales meetings and other presentations. 

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OAAA Video Gallery

Check out OAAA's OOH Video Gallery. The gallery includes videos highlighting OOH's creative impact, partnerships with the FBI, real-time connectivity through social media and mobile technology, and more.

The gallery also includes OBIE Awards videos highlighting winning campaigns, Hall of Fame brands, and OBIE judges from over the years.

Click below to access the gallery. 

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Ad Sales Tips

Every Wednesday OAAA provides a Sales Tip with insights on retail seasons, product categories, consumer trends, and more. 

All Sales Tips are archived in the Resource Center. If you aren't receiving the Sales Tip, request sign up today through Cece Minor - 

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OOH Directory

OAAA launched the OOH Directory, which replaces the Find a Member section.

The OOH Directory is a listing of member companies that provide OOH advertising media or products and services. The link to the OOH Directory is displayed prominently in the upper tool bar which is visible on every page of the website.

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