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Current Campaigns

OOH companies looking for fresh, unique, and creative PSAs can order inventory from these national public service partners. 

Caregiver Assistance
OAAA is partnering with the Ad Council and AARP in a huge multimedia initiative to support millions of American adults who now care for their aging parents. Caregiving is often an unexpected and challenging role change, but it’s a responsibility people want to handle as best as they can to honor the parents who raised them.

The new Caregiver Assistance PSAs will help these helpers by spotlighting AARP’s Caregiving Resource Center as an invaluable asset with expert advice, tips and tools. A Spanish-language version of the campaign is available and drives Hispanic caregivers to visit AARP’s Spanish Caregiving Resource Center. 

The new PSAs should appear throughout May and June. Order inventory here

For both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, please heavily support our digital OOH PSAs.



English: Bulletin Spanish: Bulletin
English: Poster Spanish: Poster 

English: Bulletin Spanish: Bulletin
English: Poster Spanish: Poster  

The National Park Foundation
The National Park Foundation, the official charity of America’s national parks, is launching a nationwide public awareness and education campaign celebrating the milestone centennial anniversary of the National Park Service in 2016. Much more than just a birthday party, the Centennial will enable Americans to discover and reconnect with their public lands. The goal is to ensure these special places and sites are sustained and enjoyed for the next 100 years. 

The National Park Foundation has partnered with OAAA and its members using the OOH medium to drive awareness and understanding of parks and deepen public engagement. 

The Find Your Park public service campaign, featuring images of National Parks Service locations that many may not immediately recognize as being a park, will be featured on billboards, buses, bus shelters, and other OOH formats across the country in April and May. Digital OOH such as digital billboards and place-based digital networks will also feature the campaign, encouraging citizens to find their parks wherever they may be. 

The Find Your Park public service campaign will take place over the next two years in three phases. Phase 1 will take place April – May 2015, with digital and static OOH inventory and creative available to OAAA members. 

Download digital OOH creative here

Download video PSAs formatted for digital OOH networks here

Static inventory is currently sold back. Check back for new inventory in June. 

The Ad Council 

Since its inception, the OOH advertising industry has worked with The Ad Council to bring public service programs to the American people with more than $250 million in donated space each year. The tradition continues with more than a dozen OOH campaigns available at no cost.

Log on to The Ad Council’s new distribution platform PSA Central to view available OOH inventory in paper, flex, and digital formats. Creative for digital billboards is also available here.

Pass it On
The Foundation for a Better life has revealed Phase 12 in its successful Pass It On OOH campaign. The popular national public service campaign partners respected celebrities, historic figures, and hometown heroes to promote positive emotional and lifestyle values, motivating others to “pass them on.” This year’s line-up of leaders appearing on billboards, bus shelters, and other OOH formats across the US includes William Shakespeare, John Wayne, Albert Einstein, and local heroes of our time. 

The Pass It On messages demonstrate how people can defy circumstances and change lives for the better. Additional new subjects in the campaign include Mae Jemison, the first black woman to travel in space; Madison Steiner, founder of a nonprofit that provides hand-painted shoes to children fighting cancer and living with disabilities; and Joshua Williams, who at the age of five founded an organization dedicated to combating hunger and helping individuals improve their quality of life.

To order billboard and/or bus shelter PSA inventory, visit To learn more about the Values campaign, visit

Click here to download digital Pass It On creative.