OOH Sellers' Learning Workshop


OOH Sellers' Learning Workshop Agenda

The Drury Plaza at the Arch
2 South 4th Street
St. Louis, MO 63102
(314) 231-3003

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Prerequisite eLearning

Audience Measurement 
Learners will understand the reason why OOH can benefit from a media measurement system comparable to those used by other media.

Introduction to Ratings Learners will understand the key ratings metrics and their proper use.

December 3, 2013
Day 1: Morning Session

8:30 am  Welcome, Introductions, & Housekeeping

Value of Out of Home Advertising 
Learners will have a basic understanding of specific benefits that OOH offers to advertisers.             
  Measuring Out of Home Audiences Learners will have a better understanding about major OOH formats and their attributes, the benefits of the TAB Ratings system and key ratings metrics, and their proper uses.

Understanding Client Objectives 
Learners will better understand what it takes for an OOH professional to be part of the advertising decision making process.

Translating RFPs into Proposals Learners will understand the components of an RFP and how to correctly create a proposal.

Day 1: Afternoon Session

  Making it Real - Sales Strategies Using Out of Home Ratings  Learners will understand the strategies for enhancing stature within the decision-making team; questions concerning application of existing value statements; relevance of OOH Ratings; and the best way to articulate the value of OOH Ratings.

Turn your Sales Presentations into Compelling Conversations  Learners will understand how they can customize each sales presentation with prospects in mind; how to avoid traps and mistakes made in the first few moments of sales presentations; and how to develop seamless presentations that flow.

A Review of Basic Selling Skills
Learners will understand the difference between the power of questions versus the imprudence of sentences; key elements of discovery and its value and importance; how to engage an audience from the start; how to provide the right solutions for identified needs;and step-by-step processes for handling objections.
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm
Reception West Ballroom 

December 4, 2013
Day 2: Morning Session

8:30 am
How to Best Improve Your Basic Communication Skills 
Learners will understand how to evaluate what people see in them; words and phrases to avoid in every communication; the words we choose and why some have a greater impact than others; ways to improve verbal communication; and mental approaches to personal interactions.

  The Art of Exceptional Conversations  Learners will understand the simplicity of engagement in practical terms; how to enhance attentiveness and awareness inside the sales conversation; how to concentrate on others during a sales presentation instead yourself; and the art of finishing a conversation.          

Putting it all Together
Review of everything that has been learned.

Noon  Conclusion