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FOARE Scholarship Application

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2013 - 2014 Scholarship Application

About The 2013-2014 FOARE Scholarship Program

The FOARE Scholarship Program provides assistance to students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate college and university programs. The Scholarship Program supports the education and career goals of those who are part of the OOH advertising industry family along with other students pursuing a course of study related to the industry. FOARE awards nine scholarships on an annual basis. The following scholarships are awarded:

    • Six general student scholarships consisting of $3,000 each; 
    • A Creative Arts/Design Scholarship consisting of $3,000; 
    • The Vern and Elaine Clark Outdoor Advertising Industry “Champion” Scholarship Endowment consisting of $4,000; and 
    • The Ruth Segal Scholarship consisting of $4,500.  

Application Deadline 

The deadline for receipt of all completed applications was June 3, 2013. Incomplete applications will not be accepted after this date. Email applications will not be accepted.

Who Is Eligible?

    • Undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at an accredited institution; 
    • High school seniors accepted to an undergraduate program at an accredited institution; 
    • Students who have completed an undergraduate program and have been accepted into a Master’s or Doctoral program.  

All applications will be considered for the general student scholarships and the Ruth Segal Scholarship. Only applications that include digital portfolios will be considered for the Creative Arts/Design Scholarship. Applicants with a specific connection to the OOH advertising industry also will be considered for The Vern and Elaine Clark Outdoor Advertising Industry “Champion” Scholarship Endowment.


Scholarships are awarded on the basis of:
    • Financial Need
    • Academic Performance
    • Career Goals 
    • Community/Extracurricular Activities
    • Relationship/Connection To OOH Advertising
    • Work Portfolio (For The Creative Arts / Design Scholarship Only)
    • Letters of Recommendation (For The Vern and Elaine Clark Outdoor Advertising Industry "Champion" Scholarship Only)